About Us

Quest Logistics Pvt.Ltd was started on 2nd February 2006 with corporate office in Chennai. The Company was formed with the ultimate motto “Build business through customer delight”. With such strong commitment to the customer satisfaction we have pooled in a strong and very experienced talent who echo our motto with every step we undertake in Logistics and supply chain Process.

We have strong alliances with our overseas partners who by all means guarantee the services to our customer the way any top class freight forwarders or the logistics providers in the world deliver. Moreover, we offer personalized services.

We have a worldwide agency network and our agents are selected based on their long standing credentials in their own markets and their commitment to develop trade between India and their Countries.

Our Strong business areas currently are USA, UK, GERMANY, BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, MEDITERANEAN and CHINA.

We take care to provide committed sailing schedules with competitive rates from these areas and hence you can count on us for your shipping requirements from/to these areas.

Our Mission

To offer our customers time bound, transparent, reliable mode of transport, customer friendly solutions which will result in additional business both for customers and we which echoes our motto “Build Business through Customer Delight”. Our engagement with customers and business partners is to create a long term relationship which offers a smooth process in our supply chain activity.






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